The story of the white wedding dress

The Wedding dress has been known in the western culture to be the white, long, elegant gown a woman wears for her wedding day. The color and style for the wedding dress can depend on which religion and culture the people who are getting married are accustomed to. The white wedding dress became known thanks to Queen Victoria during the 19th century. But in the eastern cultures, you will see that brides often chooses a red wedding dresses to symbolize luck for future success.

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During the middle ages, most often brides would dress according to the social class they belonged to. Brides of noble background would wear strong and bold colors, expensive fabrics like velvet and silk and not forget layers and layers of fur, all of course in the style of the current fashion. Mean while the less fortunate brides would dress in their best church dresses. What dress the bride wore for her wedding day was a indication of their social status and family wealth.

The first royal white wedding gown, known in history is the dress Philippa of England wore on her wedding day in 1406. It was a tunic with a cloak in white silk bordered with grey ermine and squirrel fur. Then a hundred years later in 1559, Mary, Queen of Scots wore a white wedding gown as she wed Francis Dauphing of France, as it was her favorite color, even though white at the time represented mourning for French Queens.

As colorful fabric was most common, black was also very popular in Scandinavia at the time. It was only after 1840 that the white wedding dress really got popular. After Queen Victoria wore her prized white lace on her wedding gown, many brides wanted to make the same choice as the Queen herself, and chose to dress in white on their wedding day.

Generally over the times, wedding dresses have been adapted to look fashionable for their time. Like in the 1920s they where made to be short in the front and long at the back with a long train flowing down the back, and a matching cloche style veil. To follow the current fashion continued up to late 60s. Then the fashion of wedding dresses reverted and it became popular to wear the long skirts like from the Victorian era.

Even after that, for a period, wedding dresses were adapted to the styles of the day. For example, in the 1920s, they were typically short in the front with a longer train in the back and were worn with cloche-style

Todays wedding dresses also vary in colors, though white is the most popular. Including shades like eggshell, ecru and ivory. Today most people seem to think that the white color intended to be a symbol of virginity, it never was the intention, blue was always the color that represented purity, faithfulness and the Virgin Mary.

As designing wedding dresses with sleeves, and altering dresses with sleeves are much more work then the dresses without sleeves, the market offers many more wedding dresses that are sleeveless then with sleeves. Though both dresses over the last years are equally popular.

How to achieve permanent hair removal

Removing hair is a painful experience. Then after a few weeks it just grows back again. Some people pluck or wax it out, others shave. There are also some unusual methods out there. Recently laser hair removal has become very popular. By using a strong light this procedure is able to destroy the hair and when it grows back it it will be thinner and lighter. However its not as simple as it sounds and as with everything there are possible negative side effects. In life there is no free lunch.

Laser seems to be the best method for achieving permanent hair removal. It has become very popular with woman and even men. This method can be very costly though. At a Johannesburg laser hair removal clinic you can expect to pay around R500 to R1000 per session for a small area such as those of the face. Chin, mostache area and sideburns. For larger areas you will pay a lot more and you should expect to pay for 5 sessions before you achieve the results you want. So if you do your chin you can pay about R 2500 or your arm pits R 4000 or more. If you need a lot of areas done this can cost you a lot of money.


So is it worth the cost?

We think it is. The benefits of permanent hair removal definately is greater than the cost especially long term. Think about what you pay for waxing or any other methods that you are currently using. What does this add up to over a few months or years? Some woman have more hair or darker hair which makes them feel uncomfortable and affects their self esteem. The benefits of permanent hair removal for these individuals is greater since they need it more.

You may wonder if there are any side effects to this type of treatment. There are . The most common being redness and a slight swelling of the skin where the procedure was done. Some people experience itchy skin after treatment but this as well as other mild side effects can be treated with ice. There are some more dangerous side effects that may affect people with light sensitive skin. There may be discoloration or burns. If you use a experienced beauty therapist then you will probably not have any problems.

Try it and see how it works for you.

Should I hire a Aupair

With our crazy lifestyle it can help to have a aupair. We will discuss the reasons for having one and if it is worth the cost.

Most people hire a aupair to help with their children especially if they have many. The problem with our modern economy is that it has become so efficient and many of the gaps have closed. Employees dont usually get paid what they are worth and it has become difficult for families to get by on only one salary. This has brought many more women into the workplace and now it is common to see working mothers who have less time available for their children since they work a full day and deal with difficult bosses. With both parents working or with single moms having to work long hours, the demand for au pairs have increased significantly. Its tough to be a good parent in todays lifestyle

happy au pair

So should you get a au pair?

With every choice in life there are positive and negative effects. The best solution is to find a method that works for you where you gain the positive consequences and minimise the negative ones. The choice is yours and you will know what is best for your family. You can chat to a au pair agency in johannesburg that we know. They will give you the best advice when you are looking for a au pair.

Even if you dont work you need help now and again so having a helper is recommended. Especially when having 4 or more children. Sometimes you need a break. Time to recover and relax.

If you work long hours we suggest that you hire a aupair to help with your children. They are a lifesaver when it comes to helping with the day to day tasks. The negative effects could be that children don’t bond with their parents and they become attached to the au pair.

Switch to Solar

Should I look at getting a solar geysers for my house? Well according to Eskom you are probably using 30 to 60 % of your electricity bill on your hot water geyser. If you are paying this much then you should definitely look at changing your hot water geyser to a solar one.

solar geyser working

Here is what you do.

Measure what you are currently spending on electricity to power your hot water geyser and compare this cost to the installation of a new solar geyser . We suggest that you get a electrician to check your current usage.

Also remember you can apply for a rebate depending on the system you install. You can get a few thousand rand back if you install the right geyser. Remember the unit you use must be SABS approved. This stands for South African Bureau of standards.

What does this all cost

The costs will differ from one company to the next. You can contact Solar Quotes and they can give you a estimate